Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Yes I Am Better than You

I have 2 more days to get ready for my cruise and i am not packed and my hair is not done. Like most black women who plan to be in the water all day for about a week would, i decided to put braids in my hair to escape the nappy hassle of trying to do my hair everyday.

I left work and i went to 125 to get my hair braided. Everyone knows that you get off the train in harlem and the africans recruit you to get your hair braided. I already knew what style i wanted i just had to explain it to them and let them get to work. But thats where the problem started.

These Africans come into this country looking for a better life. Or at least that is what i thought. They own these hair braiding shops or is owned by someone they know, but they don't take any care of their work place. I went from hair dresser to hair dresser looking to see where i was going to get my hair done. Most of these stores in harlem were so disgusting that i didnt even want to go into the shop. When i say disgusting i mean, there were soooo many roaches crawling up and down the walls and there was just so much hair and food on the floor. The place was a disgrace. I didnt want to even step foot into such a nasty place. For one thing, i am allergic to roaches and for another, i had on my good work clothes. I didnt want anything of mine to get messed up in those places.
One lady thought that i was very rude because i didnt want to sit down. But really, there was no way i was sitting in that dirty seat. I didnt even want to touch the hair book because it was sticky. All i wanted to do was get out of there. Its not that i think that i am better than anybody, but i am. I know better and i want better for myself. I dont settle for less. There is no reason why anyone should be subjected to work in such an unsanitary place and if i am paying $100 to get my hair done and i am going to be sitting there for 4-5 hrs, i at least want to be comfortable. I dont want to get on the train when i am done and then see a roach crawling out of my bag. i would be sooo angry.

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