Sunday, July 29, 2007


Man, I am so tired right now. I didn't do much this weekend but i guess i did enough for my eyes to be blurry. The past week was very event full for me: work every day and happy hour twice. I even made it to church on sabbath morning and did my hair while watching the Yankees loose.

I bet my co worker that the Yankees were going to bet the orioles on Saturday and of course, they disappointed me. Tomorrow morning i am going to have to listen to his rants and raves on why the Yankees suck. (I'll be tuning him out the whole time.) To make matters even worse, the mets lost to the nationals. How terrible is that? They should be ashamed to loose to that clubhouse. The Nat's are the worst team in the nation.

My co worker gets lunch on me tomorrow. I learned my lesson. I'm going to stop betting for a little bit. Not until my confidence level in NY ball cubs increases. I don't have money to waste on other people when i can be wasting it on myself.

At least both teams won today. Good job! Just a little too late.

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DJ Chunk said...

Imma make sure I check out your blog also. And yo, u can check it out when ur in DC too!