Sunday, August 05, 2007

My To Do List

Here is my to do list for the next few months.......

1) Take the Gmat
2) Get into a great MBA program
3) Buy a car
4) Pay off my credit card bills
4.5) Get my body right! Loose 15 lbs. Develop some abs!
5) Maybe become serious with a guy
6) Ok, maybe not serious but settle for only one guy.
7)Get a new job
8) Buy a house
9) Become more social
10)Vacation every year
11) State Hop... Road trip.. Like back then
12) Live life, go crazy
13) Skinny dip, sky dive
14) Learn to swim
15) Be a big kid on the weekend and a grown up during the week.
16) Have fun. Work hard, play harder.

17) Buy more clothes, get new glasses, buy more shoes
18) Let others see God through me. (yup, i always have to through that in there)
19) Make my own movie
20) Live healthy, Die HAPPY!


Obesio said...

That is a rather ambitious list!

wynsters the tigress said...

em, how are you possibly going to do all that in the next few months?? good luck and make sure to let me know when you're going skinny dipping. wouldn't want to miss that one!! hahaha

MsLiryc said...

Some how my list looks a lot like yours. Good luck with your new goals for the coming months. Make 2008 the year! That's what I tell myself every day!