Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time to Myself.

This is the first week in my life when i can say that i have actually been home alone. 7 days of being all by myself. Its actually not as bad as I expected it to be. On day one, I found myself with all of the TVs on and the radio on just to hear noise. It was getting so quiet in my house. I swear i could hear my next door neighbors music playing.
I was so productive on Monday. I cooked, cleaned out the car, and cleaned the house. I even watched BET and caught up on all the videos that i have never seen (you know the owns that i am embarrassed to admit that i actually like).

***Side Bar***
I am watching the World Series and the Red Socks are kicking ass. This is incredible. Its only the top of the second and the score is already 1 to 4 Red Sox.

Yeah, so anyway, like I was saying before I digressed, I watched all these new videos, I saw the BET 2007 awards show because it was rerunning, I watch Greys Anatomy on and I even caught up on Girlfriends on the CW. I had a very productive day.

I've also been reading this book called Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I saw it at Borders. When i read the back i got really interested to read more. Its about a "person" who was born intersexed but it was not discovered until she was 14 years old. Her grandparents are also brother and sister. How incestuous is that? I couldn't imagine even thinking of my brother in that way. *YUCK*

Some how this book interested me because i just wanted to educate myself on the sinful ways of this earth. LOL. If you have some time. I would recommend you read this book.

Anyhow. I need to focus all my attention to the RedSox. I must go. My week alone is actually going smoothly and its moving faster than i expected. Being alone is still nothing that i would like to get used to.


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