Monday, June 18, 2007

Life is what you make it.

As I sit on the National Mall during my lunch break, I am reminded of God’s creations. “Let There Be Light”. The sun is beaming down on my but I enjoy it. As I sit here soaking up the sun, I watch as the beautiful people exercise. Topless men and woman in their sports bras! Hey… Its 95 degrees!
Across from me is a yellow school bus, complete with school children visiting the capitol. They are so happy to be outdoors rather than being inside doing school work. I feel the same way. Sometimes it is nice to come outside and enjoy the scenery.
Working in DC opens up many windows for me. It’s not like NYC. Actually it’s quite different. I can see myself being very successful in this place but I can’t see myself here forever. I miss the youthfulness and the diversity of NYC. Life is what you make it. I just have to make it down here.


wynsters the tigress said...

get your fuckin' ass back to brooklyn, bitch!

cee said...

Life is about trying to make it. That's what all of us are here doing. I know that this isn't New York, but its provided a great stepping stone for you to take with you where ever you go, whenever you decide to go.