Thursday, June 28, 2007

My December

I must say that Kelly Clarkson has another hit album on her hands. She was the best choice to win American Idol during her season. She turned out to be a huge success. I always liked her but I didn’t think that I would like her this much. AOL has her new album on the free listening party session this week. My December has been playing since 9 am this morning. I keep playing it over and over because it is that good.

I will have to download it when it comes out (from Itunes of course). For the past few weeks I had Maroon 5 on heavy rotation. I think Kelly may take their place.

Favorite tracks:
Be Still – I love the tranquil feeling that this song bestows upon me.
Never Again – I hated this song when I first heard it.

So go pick up a copy this week or download it from Itunes.

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wynsters the tigress said...

i think you need to blog more. i need shit to read.