Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is It My Turn?

Why is it that when your life sucks, it seems like everyone else is having a great time? Why is it when your life is going great and you just want to share the goodness with everyone, it seems like their lives are going down the toilet?

I want to tell my friends how excited I am about my new job to be and about the stupid thing my cool co-worker did. I want to talk about how much I miss him being there and how I can't wait to see him soon. I want to talk about my vacation and about how he is going away again. I want to tell them how my life is going great but I can't because they just lost their jobs, they are having relationship issues. They just don't want to talk right now and I understand because I have been there and done that already.

So I sit and wait and my stories never get told. I do the right thing. I listen and be supportive, wishing that someone supported me.

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wynsters the tigress said...

aww, gosh. you know you can always tell me your stories!! it doesn't matter if my life is falling apart. i have a feeling that i will always feel like my life is falling apart. you should always tell me your feel good stories though because, well. they make me feel good, not jealous or envious or "i wish i was em". just good.