Sunday, July 24, 2005

Look into my Eyes

....Tell Me What You See

Can you see how much I enjoy living with my mom, but sometime I just don't understand her logic. Can you tell me why she thinks that AC can make you sick? Is it because she is old fashioned? Can you tell me why she likes to lay on the floor under the window and wait for a breeze instead of turning on the fan? Is it because the fan only blows hot air? I thought that hot air was better than no air at all. I could be wrong.

Can you see how much I love my job but wish it wasn't so far away? But I am not even going to blog about my job because I don't want to be one of those people in the newspaper under the title "blogger ousted". That's not my style. I like my money. Checks come in real handy if you know what I mean.

Can you see how the pigs are just riding the train to get air condition cause its too hot outside? I have real issues with the pigs. Where were they on the 22nd when they were supposed to start random checks. How come they weren't in the train station when I caught the train. Isn't the mta spending all this money on over time for them to keep us safe? Where is the mta getting all this money from. I thought our country is in a big deficit. How come we always have millions of dollars to spend? Are they thinking about raising the fairs again? I cant afford more than $2 a trip.

Can you see how I am trying to be more like you and less like them but I keep running into my bad habits? I'm trying to be a better person. Can you see how it sucks to be seen as that kid that did so well and moved on to bigger and better. They always expect more and put more pressure on me because I was that kid. Little did they know... LOL, that kid had other plans.
I am even trying to read more. I didn't have time for the negro books in college. I was too busy trying to be better than the white man. I only took 1 africana studies class. How else was I gonna become a successful business woman. Now that I am back with my people I need to know what's really good, na'mean. I have to play catchup cause I missed out.

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