Wednesday, June 01, 2005

NYC Blogger MeetUp

See, Dial up has me so frustrated that I forgot to tell you about the NYC Blogger Meetup, or should I call it "black people show up when ever you want, eat, and when the place is closing just chill and sit back in your seats like if the city is yours". LOL
See this meet up was very interesting. We were supposed to meet up at 9:30 pm. See if you are on CP time, that means 10:30pm. But for most, with the exception of 5 people, myself being one of them, the real get together didn't begin until maybe minutes to 12. Once again I tore up my food. I could not wait for the rest of them to get theirs. I was hungry. You, know, a 2 hr wait can do that to a person.
Xquizzyt1 showed up late like usual, I wasn't surprised, but I just figured out how she got left in DC. She spends way to much time in the bathroom.
All in all, everything ended up fine. Some people saw things they never saw before.. ex. organs being dragged out a restaurant and onto a truck, garbage on the side walk as opposed to being in an alleyway...(Kelvin seemed to be real surprised by that, what do you expect.. He didn't know any better being from Chi town.) But we will see, when I get to Chi town they might have some real weird things that might surprise me too.

Peace out!

Oh, and by the way, I now know the difference between country and southern thanks to Yolanda.


DaKelzz said...

It was good to meet you too!!

Didn't get a chance to talk to you too much though..:o(

Gotta make up for that in Chicago!!

Kajuana said...

X is building a rep for herself I see.

E to the dwige said...

Lol! Gorl yes negros gave them watches for WHAT! lol!. It was great seeing you again.

Golden said...

Ok. It was my idea to get there at 9:30pm. However, I was dressed and ready to go at 8pm! I was in Harlem to meet Singing ON TIME. Blame the delay on the MTA! even the damn BE.T. Airlines were on time! Anywho, we got there and had a great time! I enjoyed meeting you, my non-drivin' NYker!

Can't wait until ChiTown!

nai' said...

Weird things like Alleyways. LOL. What a damn waste of space.


Cupid said...

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Beloved said...

LOL!! Glad you all had fun and LMAO @ Yolanda schooling you on "country vs. southern". ;-)

Danja said...

negroes always wanna be late
yall saw my reaction
i was pissed most of the time i was there LOL

Danja said...

negroes always wanna be late
yall saw my reaction
i was pissed most of the time i was there LOL