Monday, June 13, 2005

Summer Came Early

Summer Came Early And......................................

1. I am sick and tired of seeing the girls in Harlem rocking their camel toes.

2. Ghetto Parents have put up mini pools on the sidewalk for their fat children to splash in.

3. These damn Puerto Ricans still don't know how to act, especially at the PR parade.

4. I am tired of seeing girls on the train with powder all over their chest.

5. The Rasta's on flatbush still don't wear deodorant.

6. I am sick of these half ass fire escape bbq's.

7. My mom still doesn't have AC so I have to sleep naked.

8. I am disgusted by these 300 lbs parents picking up their children wearing backless club shirts.

9. I still don't have the one pack that I've been working all year for.

10. The personal trainers in bally's try to get with anything that walks.

11. The old men on the block have nothing better to do that drink red strip and 40's and watch me as I walk down the block.

12. These bastard children wont stop setting off firecrackers in the middle of the night until one of them gets their finger blown off.

13. Hot 97 has the most ignorant DJ's on the radio.

14. Skirts are getting shorter but the cottage cheese is in abundance.

15. In 15 minutes I hope Michael Jackson is found guilty


nai' said...

15 minutes later, he's found not guilty on all counts. Now ain't that a blip!


E to the dwige said...

uhhh! Your wish didn't come true damm, damm double damm! why oh why can't jurys (sp?) see past $$$$$.

Slow Metamorphosis said...

camel toes.....hahahahahaha
this post is sooo true!!!

Singing said... just kilted me dead....with the camel toe. Honey...they are running around here looking like hot ass messes!!!

Sorry your wish didn't come true.

Funny post.

Zantiferous3 said...

*making sure cottage cheese is hidden by support hose* LOL

Girl you are soooo damn hilarious. Girl that powder shit drives me insane!!! RUB IT IN!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU??? WHY MUST YOU CAKE IT UP AND JUST LEAVE IT ON YOUR SKIN LIKE THAT???

That has ALWAYS driven me crazy.

And did you REALLY think that he would be found guilty woman? Come on you know you can buy a jury!!!

Kizzie Davis said...

I will see your damn Puerto Ricans to ALL the Mexicans down in North Carolina who buy all up all the tomatoes in the store and rarely have car insurance. Lord be with ya, if one of em hits you. Powder on the chest? Do people still do that? I hope to see you in Chicago.. It was great meeting you in NYC.

The Humanity Critic said...

LOl@camel toes. Real funny..